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  • Apportionment Remittance Form

  • Charge Conference - includes CC Schedule

  • Equitable Compensation Request Form

  • GCFA Group Ruling Request Website - 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Letter -

    If all of the information generated through the site is accurate, a local church can obtain a letter in about 5 minutes. If some information is incorrect, a local church can submit a comment to have that information corrected. (Unless a change is needed, a local church should leave the comment field blank, so as to not delay receiving a letter.) Unfortunately, while an inclusion letter from GCFA does verify that a local church is a 501(c)(3) organization, it does not preclude the possibility that some banks will ask for different supporting documentation or may not understand the significance of the documentation they are being provided by the local church. IRS Publication 4573 provides important information about the meaning of an organization being included in a group exemption ruling. If a local church runs into a problem, providing a copy of Publication 4573 may be helpful in educating the bank, or other relevant entity. That publication is available here:

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  • Background Screening - At this link you find information about packages & pricing.  The conference is associated with the Volunteer screening.  Hit the Get Started tab if this is the first time logging in and select Alabama West Florida Conference.


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